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Or you can also give us a call during business hours: 55-11-4268-0685. We're in Brazil (Native English spoken).

Above 5 photos you will receive a digital painting of one of your pictures or a fine computer jigsaw puzzle as a gift!

Simply e-mail me your hi-res photos for a free estimate. All services are done on a digital copy and never on the original paper photograph. The final restored file will be sent to you by e-mail and you can print or enlarge it at any photo services retail store. I also scan from Film Negatives and Slides sent by mail.

All replies are prompt and in this day and age we can work confidently regardless of distance and time zones!
I'll be happy to be of assistance for any further doubts you may have.

Be sure to take a look at the few tips I've listed below.


  • A good original ensures the maximum amount of information for the actual restoration or colorization;
  • Scan your photos at 300dpi for a free quote;
  • For large portraits or framed photos, either scan them in parts and send them to me for a free quote;
  • You can also photograph large pictures at the highest resolution with a digital camera placed on a stable and level surface;
  • Avoid flash lighting. Prefer open sunlight without shadows;
  • Save and send in your files in .jpg format.

All photos in this website have been restored, repaired, colored or prepared as samples by MartaPhotos for its clients and shown here with permission. Prepared samples are illustrative only and have no commercial value. Please note: no photos or graphics on this website may be copied or reused for any purpose without prior written consent from MartaPhotos.

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